XAMPP all-in-one dev environment

January 19, 2008 – 1:05 pm

For everyone looking for a clean & simple Apache + php + mySQL development environment for their local machine, XAMP is an all-in-one solution that installs in seconds. I use it on my Windows XP laptop, but it’s also available for Linux and Mac OS.. plus, it’s free. ( get it here )

Here’s how you go about running multiple sites on your local machine (and this might be common knowledge, but it took me a little research to find how to do it..):


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Updated jQuery Niceforms

January 18, 2008 – 5:50 pm

I may be wrong, but there really only seems to be one “niceforms” plugin available for JS (this one by BadBoy), and I was so happy to see that it’s been ported to jQuery style by Lucian Lature (get it here).. Recently I’ve used it on a project, and it turned out that it breaks under certain conditions:

  • only works properly for one form on the page (if used on more than one form, selects reference the wrong elements)
  • the “onChange” event disappeared

Since the client already signed off on the design, I tried fixing it, and heeey, it actually works! Based on the fact that I only had to change about 3 lines, I’d say it’s probably right ;) . (See: The implicit rightness of elegant code)

Here’s the updated version: (Updated Niceforms for jQuery)

Changes: “niceform” class should now be attached to a container (div, for example) that the form resides in. Keep in mind that there might still be broken functionality under the hood. I only fixed it to the point where I could use it for my project.


PS: Post a comment if you find a newer / better version of this plugin.

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