Splitting up my Beanstalk Repository

June 30, 2011 – 10:51 am

Boy, it’s been a while since my last post (being busy is good I guess), but to get back into it I thought I share a nice moment from yesterday where something “just worked”. Yes, those moments are that rare! :)

When I started my first repository at Beanstalk almost 2 years ago I decided to keep all my client projects in the same repository, mostly for convenience and cost reasons as Beanstalk’s account levels are capped by number of repositories and I wanted to stick with a small (cheap) plan (who wouldn’t ;). So far it’s been a great ride and the one-repo approach has not caused any problems.

Well, yesterday came that day where one of my clients asked to play with his code.. I had dreaded that day a bit, because I thought that would mean giving access to other client’s code as well, seeing that Beanstalk doesn’t offer the same permissions-granularity that a self-hosted repo would offer (which is fine, their service is voluntarily simple and therefore solid). Now, after looking around for a little, and discovering Beanstalk’s export/import functionality it turned out I wasn’t in bad shape after all.. I simply exported the entire client repository to my laptop and ran it through the svndumfilter command to filter all file modifications pertaining to said client. All the required commands I found here: http://blogs.nuxeo.com/dev/2006/04/dump-load-svn-repositories-using-svnadmin-svndumpfilter.html (thanks much), and after this I had a nice small .svndump file that I could re-import into a new Beanstalk repo. Voila, another happy customer.

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