IE 7 rejects my session for domains with “_”

December 9, 2008 – 4:38 pm

For this problem I want to bill Microsoft for an hour!
Here’s the gist: watch out when you use “_” in sub-domains.

Today I copied a website to a different subdomain on our dev-server, and I thought I add a “_bak” to the domain to tell things apart. All worked well, I thought, until my coworker tried to test the site using Internet Explorer 7 and found that she was unable to log in. No error either, just the same blank login form after submitting valid credentials.

Since all was working fine in Firefox, my first hunch smelled of cookies ;). And yup, IE rejected domain cookies from this sub-domain, and consequently session_start() generated a new session id for every request, effectively clearing the $_SESSION array which I was using for authentication.

Great Microsoft. Thanks for watching out for me. ,,|,,

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